One of My Own!

Our family took a trip to the St.Louis Zoo this past weekend and ventured out to a place our daughter highly recommended for lunch.  Crown Candy Kitchen is a famous little place in St.Louis known for their malts and BLT’s.  After standing in line for over an hour…we finally savoured the malts, sundaes, BLT’s, etc.  The amount of bacon on the sandwiches was amazing.

Garden BLT’s (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)… With tomatoes and cucumbers a plenty right now…it’s BLT Time!  Whole wheat bread is my preference…toasted, of course.  Add a generous layer of mayo on each inside piece of bread.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Nothing earth shattering here…I add sliced red onion or vidalia onion, sliced cucumbers along with the traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato inside.  Yum!

Check back tomorrow for the Three Bean Salad recipe in this picture.