essential kitchen tools

When I first became a teacher my husband and I always had to stop by teacher stores we could find when on the road.  It wouldn’t be unusual for me to look in the yellow pages to find the location of a local teacher store when staying in a hotel or making a pit stop. Sometimes it took lots of begging on my part to get my husband to travel out of our way to find a teacher store.  Well, he really didn’t have anything to look for in a teacher’s store now did he?  Lately, it is kitchen stores we seek.  Stopping at kitchen stores doesn’t take a lot of persuasion as my husband loves to cook as well.  Our Garmin has replaced the traditional yellow page.  After 32 years of marriage, one would think my husband and I would have every cooking utensil necessary for a well-equipped kitchen.  We really do, thanks to wedding showers, gifts and years of purchasing what we need, but it’s a delight to pick up new tools that make cooking fun.  Cooking tools are normally pretty inexpensive.  My husband and I prefer to visit outlet stores where we can get some really good bargains.  We have even found some of our favorites at flea markets.  The older – the better some say.  Here are a few of our favorite old and new cooking tools I used when making the previous Pot Roast.