Taste of Home

My daughter, daughter-in-law and I attended the Taste of Home Cooking School at the Moberly Area Community College last evening.  A goody bag and a wealth of recipes traveled home with me after the show.  My grocery store bag today contained the ingredients needed to make  French Cranberry-Apple Pie. The recipe for this pie and many of the other recipes I plan to make are included in the Taste of Home Cooking School Brand Name Cookbook which was our guide for the evening.  Guy Klinzing was the culinary specialist who lead our show.  He was funny and knowledgeable about techniques involved in preparing the recipes.  There were many local celebrity chefs who assisted Guy in the process.  Prizes were presented…unfortunately none of us won prizes, but we had lots of fun.  If you haven’t visited the Taste of Home website, I highly recommend that you do!  My favorite page on the website is of course the recipe page so I thought I would share…. Taste of Home Recipes  Check future posts about my attempts to be a Taste of Home cook.