Vintage Day!

I went off the beaten path today…so I might as well continue that tradition by doing the same on my blog.  My daughter took me and my husband to the Rutledge Flea Market.  This is place definitely …off the beaten path.  Way out in the middle of a field, without a town nearby, is a place where 90 acres of booths are set up by people from all over.  You can find anything and everything there.  Some sellers have prices marked and others none.  So you either ask if the seller “Will you take less?” (which they all did), or you ask “How much will you take” or say “I’ll give you this much.”  OH, WHAT FUN WE HAD!  I honestly believe that the people who were selling things were not doing it so much for the money but for the mere fun of it.  Here are some of our finds today.  We spent under $20.00 for all of the following.  You will see many of the glassware in upcoming blog pictures.  By the way, I also had fun going on the web to discover….I got some fantastic bargains today!

The theme today was “Fire King.”

Fire King Soup Bowls – 25 cents a piece!

Very vintage bowl, biscuit cutter and cookie cutter.

Plates galore for upcoming desserts.

Plates and bowls. 

Wish you could see all the different designs!

Vintage holiday salt and pepper shakers.  I paid 50 cents for the pair.

See the snowflake casserole dish – $1.00 and the two bowls with lid…
 $1.00 for the pair.  Amazing!

This is probably what I’m most excited about!  Gurley Vintage Halloween Candles.  Bid currently on eBay show anywhere from $4.99 to $34.50 a piece.  I hope you are sitting down for this!  We paid $2.00 for all!  One is missing – an Owl, my daughter had her eye on it, so I gave in! 


  1. Bonnie DeLaney says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. I'm sure you noticed some quite interesting characters at this flea market! You will have to try the one at Wentzville. It's not so "in the middle of nowhere"!