apples, dates and walnuts

I haven’t posted a recipe from another blog yet …but I just had to do just that for this Easy Apple Cake.  And…YES – it is easy to make and eat.  Occasionally, you find a recipe that is unforgettable…this cake is one of those recipes.  Think about apples, dates and walnuts all in one cake and you will get a delicious result.  Bakerella is just one of many blogs I follow (see blog list in the right-hand column).  My mom and grandmother would say…”What is a blog?” and I would answer “an online cookbook of ideas, pictures and food.”  What will future generations have as a source of ideas, pictures and recipes?  One only knows. 

Make this cake and I will guarantee you…you will love it.  It’s best kept in the refrigerator… and I haven’t yet, but next time I’m going to leave the topping off – not that my husband and I don’t love it with the topping, but we want to taste this cake without it. 

Here are a few pictures of the process.  See the recipe link below the photographs.

Source:  Bakerella Blog…