duck hunting is in the air

It’s hunting season and my son is a huge duck hunter….you might say he is a little obsessed.  Tonight my husband made us fish that my son caught (it’s fishing season too) …last week my son made his wife, son and father Duck Jalapeno Wraps.  Did you notice that I wasn’t mentioned in the mix?  I’m not a fan of duck.  My husband and grandson said they were good. 

Duck Jalapeno Wraps
4 duck breasts, filleted and marinated
1 package cream cheese, cut into chunks
16 jalapeno slices
8 pieces bacon

 Butterfly duck breasts. Marinade and tenderize.

Add some cream cheese chunks and 2 jalapeno slices on one half. Fold breast back over secure closed with toothpicks.
 Wrap with bacon and secure with toothpicks.

Grill over medium-low heat until the bacon is done. Best when cooked medium to medium well.