Thanksgiving Dressing Balls

There are some recipes that one cannot write down how to make.  This is one of those recipes, but I will do my best to share it with my readers!  Grandma Franklin made the most amazing stuffing balls each Thanksgiving!  Sadly, she is no longer with us…but our family continues to enjoy a tradition each Thanksgiving (and Christmas).  My sister and I continue to put these dressing balls on the table both holidays.  A little more work is involved in making these dressing balls…but the effort is worth it.  I’m certain Grandma created this recipe, because as you will notice, there are no set measurement amounts.  I will share what measurements (in parentheses) work for me, but these amounts don’t always stay fixed.  For this particular recipe…one must taste the finished mixture and add seasonings to taste.  That’s what Grandma Franklin would do!

Grandma Franklin’s Dressing Balls

Chop and saute’ onion and celery (1 small onion and 4 stalks celery) in butter (1 stick) .  Meanwhile, cook 1 package long grain rice according to directions.  (I use Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Rice).  Pour 1 large bag of Herb Stuffing Mix (crushed/not cubed) into a large mixing bowl.  Add onion/celery mixture and cooked rice.  Add celery salt (1 tsp) and sage (1 teaspoon/sometimes a little more)  to taste.  Add 2 chopped hard boiled eggs (chopped fine).  Add turkey or chicken broth (I usually add 2-3 cans chicken broth). *You want your mixture to be very moist.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Optional – add chopped turkey or chicken.  Mix well.  Roll into small balls and place in baking pan.  Cook approximately 30 minutes on 350 degrees F.  Watch closely.  You want the dressing balls to be slightly browned. 

I doubled the recipe…that’s why you see two sticks of butter.
Melt butter in a non-stick pan.

Chop onion and celery…using a really good chopper. 
I have a Pampered Chef chopper…really good one!

Use the crushed herb stuffing mix.  It adds the flavor you need!

Chopped eggs using that really good chopper.
The mix before stirring.

In the oven. 


  1. My mother and her mother made these. I believe it is an old German recipe.