Classic Thumbprint Cookies

…13 days till Christmas

My daughter and I held our 2nd annual Christmas Cookie Exchange today.  We appreciate our friends and family that braved the cold and snowy country roads to join us.  The cookie of my choice to share was … CLASSIC THUMBPRINT COOKIES.  The link to the recipe is –

While this recipe included lots of extra steps…the final product proved it was worth it.  These remind me of that Easter candy I love…Are they called Coconut Nests?  The ones with the hole in the center with jelly beans?  These cookies also remind me of pecan sandies or shortbread.  I used three different kinds of filling for the center.  Two of my own homemade blackberry and strawberry jams and to add a contrasting color I bought some orange marmalade.  Not only are these pretty but they are delicious!