sliders or slyders – identity crisis

A suggestion for a great appetizer for upcoming New Year celebrations…sliders or slyders.  White Castle actually gave birth to this term but many have tried to duplicate it their way.  I haven’t actually eaten a White Castle Slyder (that’s their spelling) but I have had the privilege of having other versions…one in particular – Ann Hall’s Slyders.  She introduced me to her version several years ago and I have made it “her way” since. We were at an after-school get-together when Ann made these and it was love at first bite! This recipe is so easy and a favorite in our household.  This is what she told me….

Fry ground beef (preferably ground chuck…1 pound or more depending how many batches you are preparing), add some onion and garlic powder (it’s a guess how much) and any other spices of preference.  Add shredded cheese of choice (I use 2 cups – per pound of ground beef.  Sometimes I use cheddar, other times pepper jack and other times I mix two different kinds.  No matter what kind of cheese you use – it’s good.)  Place mixture evenly between small rolls (I use the Sarah Lee Dinner rolls).  Top rolls with a mixture of butter, olive oil and poppy seed.  Bake for approximately 10 minutes. 


  1. Have you used the Hawaiian Rolls before… Curious if it’s good?

    • Missouri Farm Chick says:

      Yes, funny you asked! I was low on supplies one day recently and was making sliders. The only bread I had on hand (in the freezer) was some Hawaiian Rolls so I used them. They were the butter ones…so you can only imagine how yummy they were! I still added the butter and olive oil on top. 🙂