Friday Picture Finds

It’s the end of our first week of school!  After seventeen years of teaching, I still get excited about beginning a new school year.  It just amazes me what a busy time it is though…just getting the year going.  There are plans to make, things to label and oh boy…so much data to enter into the computer.  To say the least, my blogging time has suffered, but I will persevere, as I’m very passionate about food and sharing it with you, my readers.  On this particular Friday, with very little time to blog, I’m going to share some food pictures I found when going through my files. These are my Friday Picture Finds!  Hope you enjoy them!

I planted herbs for the first time this summer.  
The taste of our food has changed, for the better!
Oops!  This isn’t a food pic!  It’s just my 
granddaughter being silly.
Love olive oil and my olive oil jar!
I’ve gone through a lot of this!  Yummy!
I absolutely adore a good buy!
Cookie dough (and cookies) in the making!