cheesy cottage potatoes

Want something delicious and quick to make?  A nice change from mashed potatoes as your side dish would be these cheesy cottage potatoes.  I have been making these for a very long time.  An indication of that is the recipe card needs replacement.  I wouldn’t want a scientist  to put it under the microscope.  What they might find could be frightening. Yuck, enough of that!  The focus is…these Cheesy Cottage Potatoes are wonderful, so looking at the soiled recipe card when preparing them is quickly overlooked. When thinking skinny, I add fat free sour cream, 98% fat free chicken soup, and fat free cheddar cheese.  Just add a little more onion and pepper to accent the taste.  

You start with these frozen hash brown potatoes…
southern style 
Start adding the other ingredients…
no special order needed.
Don’t forget the “cheesy” part.  
You can actually leave the cheese
 out and change the recipe title to
 Cottage Potatoes.  
They are just as good!
Stir well.
Spread in a buttered, casserole dish.  
This is my lasagna pan.  
AKA…Cheesy Cottage Potato dish.  
Cornflakes and butter.  Yum!
Sprinkle, Spread, Top!