and the winner is…

DRUM ROLL PLEASE… The winner of the “Cookie Cutters and Sprinkles Giveaway” is Kristin B.  Her favorite cookie shape is the snowman.  Several of you chose the snowman.  Here is a picture of a decorated snowman you might like.

Gingerbread man shapes were also a favorite choice, as well as the star.

I truly loved reading all of your posts and am excited about more LIKEs on Facebook and followings of My Kitchen Addictions on Pinterest.  By the way….In honor of Kristin’s choice of the gingerbread man, I’m sharing this recent Pinterest pin I found on making your own gingerbread playdough. It’s not edible, but you can use that gingerbread shape in your new cookie cutter prize to cut your shape.  Kristin…Your little guy would love to play with this!  Hope you enjoy!

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