Friday Favorites

Jokari Healthy Step 4-in-1 Citrus Pro Tool
Peel – zest – ream – garnish

I’ve been consuming a lot of “Cuties” lately!  When I found this handy-dandy little tool, I was excited, beyond excited.  This tool makes peeling oranges, tangerines and even those easy-to-peel Cuties more fun and less time consuming.

Zyliss Avocado Tool
halve – pit – scoop – slice – mash

My husband has become the creator of the most awesome guacamole.  I would never touch that green stuff, until he started making it homemade after we ate at a Cantina Laredo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant.  After watching the waiter/waitress prepare this fresh appetizer, at our table, several times, my husband had it down to a fine art.    

Tango Tool – Spatula
stir – scrap – dance

I’ve seen these spicy and colorful spatulas many times, but have resisted the purchase of one until recently when my urge gave to nonresistance.  Getting one in another color and shape is my goal.

Kikkerland Cutting Boards
veggies – poultry – fish – meat
Cutting boards, oh cutting boards.  These are not boards, but they are flexible, nonslip mats that are odor resistant!