Madam French

The Pear Tree Restaurant, in the little town of Bevier, Missouri, is a great place to eat. Not only are their onion rings delectable, but their salad is beyond delish! The presentation includes your salad being served on a chilled salad bowl, accompanied by a salad dressing server with three different homemade dressings to choose from. It’s hard to decide which salad dressing to choose, so many people do as I do…mix them.  Also brought to your table for salads are bowls with blue cheese crumbles in one and the other homemade (amazing) croutons.  Oh, and they also bring you a drinking glass, but not with a drink inside…but stuffed full of crispy bread crackers. They are yummy too!  Are you full after the salad is served and state you don’t think you can eat any of the main entree you just ordered?  Yes is the answer!  The salad dressings are known by their names around the area. You can buy them by the jar before you leave or purchase them locally.  You can also try to figure out the top-secret recipe…which I’m almost absolutely certain is under lock and key.  My sister, Debbie, shared this recipe for Madam French with me. The word is that it comes from her mother-in-law, Iva.  It is pretty darn close to the Madam French that The Pear Tree Restaurant (and now AJ’s) serves to their customers.  
Madam French Salad Dressing
(Printable Copy)

1 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon Worcestershire
1 small onion, chopped

In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients.  Emulsify or whisk until combined .  Chill and serve.

I love my new Cuisinart Quick Prep Emulsifier!  My homemade salad dressings don’t separate when stored and I’m getting creamier mixtures.  


  1. Maureen @ Orgasmic Chef says:

    I love Madam French! I'm going to make some this afternoon and have it with dinner tonight. It looks very American 🙂

  2. Missouri Farm Chick says:

    I'm delighted to hear you will be making this Maureen…we love it! Hope you do too! A tip…it's good with red onion. Sometimes I leave the onion out of the emulsification mix and add small bites of red onion for texture. That's a nice twist.