Steve’s Breakfast Skillet

If you are are regular at My Kitchen Addictions you have probably figured out that my husband, Steve, is the breakfast guy!  My husband and I have a pretty regular routine on Saturday mornings and what I love most is that we are both in the kitchen together.  Steve is a creator of everything breakfast so you won’t normally find him referring to a cookbook or recipe card.  If I have one complaint, and I shouldn’t since he is treating me to breakfast, it is that he makes a mess and doesn’t clean it up.  Here is Steve’s Breakfast Skillet.  I can’t promise you I got all the ingredients in the list, but I kept a pretty close eye on him this time by taking pictures so I could include this recipe on my blog.

Peel and cut potatoes into an oven-proof skillet after spraying with cooking oil. 

Chop onions.

Chop green peppers. 

Add onions and green peppers to pan with potatoes.  

Drizzle with olive oil.  

Add salt,pepper and pepper flakes.  

Cook until vegetables are cooked and slightly brown.  

Chop ham and add to pan.  

Cook mixture a little longer to warm ham.

Whisk eggs in separate bowl.

 Shred cheese.

Pour eggs over mixture in skillet. 

Don’t stir. 

Top with cheese.  

Don’t stir.


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  1. I don't eat eggs, but I may have to try this recipe for the rest of my family. It looks like it would be fun to prepare and even better to eat.
    I tried a new guacamole recipe today, actually it was the first guacamole I have ever made. . . do you have a favorite recipe for that ?

  2. Missouri Farm Chick says:

    You know, I never cared much for guacamole until we went to a restaurant that made it fresh at their tables. Steve watched closely how they made it and he mixes it up often. It's really good! I will try to watch him next time and get that creation of his down on paper too!