Patriotic Trifle

I made this trifle for a family get-together when we were celebrating birthdays and at the same time Independence Day.  It would also be fitting to make this patriotic trifle in honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics. It would be a perfect dessert or side if you are planning an Olympic themed party. I don’t know about your household, but this one is tuned in to watch our United States athletes compete in different events each and every night.  Simply, my husband and I love the Olympics!

This recipe for Patriotic Trifle comes to you from a blog I follow regularly …The Girl Who Ate Everything.  You can also find the recipe pinned on my holiday board at Pinterest via My Kitchen Addictions.  I invite you to come on over to follow me at Pinterest where I share wonderful finds on the web.  I would love to follow you at Pinterest, as well.  If you love Pinterest as much as I do, please leave your board link in the comment section below and I will follow you!

I love it when stiff peaks form.  Acquiring a Kitchen Aid mixer many years ago assisted in that success!  Thank you Kitchen Aid!

Digging pretty dip in the pudding aisle to find cheesecake pudding was hard to do.  Sugar free-fat free was my choice to lighten things up a bit.  The recipe states that vanilla pudding can be substituted.  The french vanilla flavor would be great!!

Fresh berries this time of year are plentiful, juicy, firm, pretty, delicious and the best!  The strawberries were picked at a local berry farm and the blueberries were purchased at Ritters, our local farmer’s market.  As a small town, we are very fortunate to have such a great farmer’s market.

It continues to amaze me what one can find at our local Aldi’s store.  When I decided to make this trifle, I decided I would make homemade pound cake.  A busy day made me weary and tired so I decided to opt for an already made variety from the store, so off to Wal Mart I traveled to be disappointed with the cost.  Have you priced pound cake in the store lately?  Wow, unbelievable!  Off to Aldi’s I went, doubtful that I would find pound cake.  To my surprise, there it was when I walked in the door and the cost was half the price I had just encountered at the previous store.

Thus, the first layer to the Patriotic Trifle.

And, the remaining layers begin.

Remember those stiff peaks?  That’s the top layer, with the addition of….

…some of those fresh berries.