Cooking Planit Crisp and Caramelized Meal Plan

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When an opportunity came to me recently to participate in a spice giveaway with Cooking Planit, I never knew what that really meant until I started sharing my blogging with so many amazing food bloggers who participated in the same giveaway and individuals associated with Cooking Planit! I have shared, gained and learned a great deal!  Cooking Planit challenged me again recently  by asking me to tryout their Cooking Planit Personal Kitchen Assistant on the web and available as an app.  I took it on this little project with excitement, and I am now sharing my journey with you.  I encourage you to try this app yourself and share your experience.

A little bit about Cooking Planit’s Personal Kitchen Assistant…

Simplified Meal Planning – Thoughtful and tested meal plans that your family and friends will love.

Organized Shopping – No more headaches while getting your list together. They build your shopping list just like you would.

Guided Cooking Steps – It’s like G.P.S. for cooking! They’ll do all the organization and lead you through each recipe’s steps so that the entire meal is ready at the same time.

Cloud Sync – Sync your account across the web, your iPhone and iPad

What I especially like about using Cooking Planit’s App…

  • The app includes lots of great recipes to choose from, including healthy and family-friendly choices.
  • You can create your own cookbook of recipe and meal ideas.
  • I was able to modify my meal.  The meal plan I chose, Crisp and Caramelized, included a salad that I knew my husband would not like, therefore I clicked on MODIFY…and several other side choices were provided.  
  • I was able to create a grocery list and check off what I already had and then take my iPhone to the store with me and shop for what I needed.  I just checked off my list as I put the items in my shopping cart.  I loved how the items were listed in categories…produce, meats, dairy, spices, etc.
  • All ingredients and kitchen tools I needed for the meal were provided in a user-friendly list.
  • Cooking Planit is voice activated.  Instead of touching my iPad screen…I could say MOVE ON, GO BACK, SCROLL DOWN, SCROLL UP.  I had a little trouble with this feature, turned if off, but still had some voice features available.
  • LOVE, LOVE the timer!  You’ll see what I mean when you use it!
  • Overall, easy to follow directions.
  • Time is allowed for breaks and clean-up.  I felt no pressure!
  • The final product…the meal, Crisp and Caramelized was very tasty!  I will make it again in the future!  No doubt!
Finally, I planning my next meal soon using my Cooking Planit Personal Kitchen Assistant.  I hope you will do the same and share your experience.  Check Cooking Planit’s website for more information.  You’ll be glad you did!  


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