Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsIt has been a vision for a while!  Since discovering ideas on Pinterest about having outdoor movie nights, I set out to plan our very own.  The planning was fun, but the actual night was priceless! The night was filled with friends and family, great food and a very funny movie! Thoughts are already in my mind in planning for round two!  Outdoor Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsMy husband and daughter are working on the screen idea of two shower curtains taped together and then stapled to our deck posts.  Total cost $18.00.  The screen is folded up and ready to reuse at our next backyard movie night. Outdoor Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsHere is another look at the sign my daughter created on an old chalkboard I had in my basement.When searching for ideas for what movie to show we knew a family friendly movie was a must.  Pinterest and the web provided lots of choices. Our list was narrowed to two, and The Great Outdoors was the final choice.  Goonies was the runner-up.  The guest list was created and a Facebook event was used to invite our guests.  Of course, we had to make a few phone calls, as not everyone is on Facebook…lol.

Outdoor Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsOur invitation… You are invited to our first ever movie night under the stars. We will gather at 8:00, and the movie will begin at 9:00. Popcorn and S’mores will be provided. Please bring a bag of candy, peanuts, snack mix or any other ingredient for a “create your own movie mix.” Other things to bring: your own drinks (tea and lemonade provided), lawn chairs and/or blanket, bug spray or anything else you need to make your movie night experience fun! Hope to see you there!Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen Addictions
When my daughter and I went shopping for what we needed for the evening we set out to purchase white bags for the popcorn.  Dollar Tree was our first stop.  We were delighted to find these popcorn bags…10 for $1.00.  Along with these bags, we found large plastic popcorn bowls ($1 a piece).  Dollar Tree came through yet again!  Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsMy husband was in charge of popcorn.  He told me he had it handled and he sure did!  We purchased our popcorn and oil from the local Amish store… total cost $6.80.  Too much popcorn was prepared, but the old saying of “Too much is always better than not enough” was fitting for the occasion.  I don’t like to waste a good thing, so at the bottom of this post you will find a recipe I found (on Pinterest) with the main ingredient…leftover popcorn. Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsThe guest start to arrive and the containers are filling.  Some guest shared that the candy they brought was what they always ate at the theater.  Others reminisced about drive-in movie memories,and some shared a new recipe for a snack mix. Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen Addictions The guests arrive, pick their seats, socialize and gather their food and drink.   Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen Addictions

The movie is getting ready to begin.  A night to remember!

Thanks to all our family and friends who joined us and helped make wonderful memories with us!

And the recipe I found on Pinterest to prepare so I can use up all that leftover popcorn…

Chocolate Popcorn Treats | My Kitchen Addictions



  1. Love this post! Such an awesome event!!

  2. Clarice Shriver says:

    Enjoyed reading about the event! Sounds like fun!!

    • Missouri Farm Chick says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading about our special event Clarice! You should give it a try…such easy and inexpensive entertainment on a Saturday night.

  3. Did you use a special projector for your movie night?

    • Missouri Farm Chick says:

      I borrowed a Movie Machine which includes a DVD player, projector and speakers all in one device. We hooked up our stereo surround from our television to the machine for better sound. We had planned to do a laptop computer connected to a projector. Ask around or check with your local library. Send pics if you have a movie night. Everyone in attendance is wanting another one soon! They are a blast!!