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A new kitchen trend is the use of cooking apps to help the cook plan a menu, shop and prepare a meal.  The Cooking Planit™ app has been that app for me for several months now.  I recently teamed up with other food bloggers and Cooking Planit™ during their Spice Giveaway.  This time around they are giving away a T-fal 12-piece cookware set.  You have more than 50 chances to enter, so make sure you check the details on how to enter at the end of this post.  Please read on to learn more about another one of my experiences using my Cooking Planit app.  Cooking Planit Giveaway | My Kitchen Addictions

The Cooking Planit™ app is downloaded on my iPhone, iPad and bookmarked on my home computer which allows me to open my account on all three devices.  I have learned to love this cooking app and the people behind the scene at Cooking Planit™.  When the opportunity came to me to be a part of a large Cooking Planit™ influencer group, I was hesitant, but I’m so glad I joined over 50 other food bloggers of this community in some sharing, learning and promoting.  I still search the web and get ideas for meal menus from some of my favorite food blogs, but my new Cooking Planit™ app has become a regular “go-to” tool when I ask myself or my husband inquires, “What’s for dinner?”
Cooking Planit Giveaway | My Kitchen Addictions

For this meal I chose one of Cooking Planit’s featured meal plans… Veggie Overdose. Included in this meal is Chicken Sausage and Peppers, Broiled Corn and Chopped Salad with Creamy Herb Vinaigrette.  One deciding factor for choosing this meal was the fact we were in the heart of our garden season  and veggies needed for this recipe were readily available.  So, I added the groceries needed for this meal on one click on the app and after choosing how many servings I traveled to the market with my iPhone and Cooking Planit™ app on the way home from work.Veggie Overdose | My Kitchen Addictions

Cooking Planit Giveaway | My Kitchen AddictionsI absolutely love the “My Groceries” component of this cooking app. Once you choose your recipe or meal plan, you click the grocery basket and the ingredients needed are put in your grocery list.  You can quickly go through the list to check off items you already have on hand.  Another perk is that the list of items are divided up in categories, such as produce, meat & seafood and cheese, to name a few, for easy moving around the store.Cooking Planit Giveaway | My Kitchen Addictions

Then, I headed home to prepare my Cooking Planit™ meal.  Before I pushed the start button I received a detailed overview of the meal, including how much prep and cook time the recipe would take and what ingredients, appliances and cooking equipment I would need.  When I was ready, I choose start and the fun cooking adventure began. Speaking using voice control to “move on” or “scroll down” or touching the screen to move on my own were all options I had to proceed to the next steps.  There were timers along the way and even a break now and then.  Washing, slicing and chopping prior to beginning was suggested and an approximate time my meal would be ready was provided.  What more could the developers at Cooking Planit™have done to make my cooking experience more successful?  I believe they already had that covered!  Well, I guess they could have prepared and delivered the meal to my home themselves.  I’m a dreamer, of course.Veggie Overdose | My Kitchen AddictionsThe meal, Veggie Overdose, will appear on our plates again!  The meal plan from Cooking Planit has been added to “My Cookbook” on my app for easy retrieval in the future.  The main dish, Chicken Sausage and Peppers was savory and satisfying.  The salad with the vinaigrette dressing was fresh and tasty, but what we liked the best was the simple-to-prepare broiled corn.  I have boiled and grilled corn on the cob in the past but never broiled it.  Loved, loved the texture and taste with the addition of Parmesan cheese.  The only problem, and I mean the only problem I had with preparing this meal and it was so minor, was the husks would not stay on the corn. When I pulled it back, it fell right off.  I attributed this to the fact the corn was fresh from the garden.  Honestly, this meal was delicious!!

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