How to Frost a Cupcake

How to Frost a Cupcake | My Kitchen Addictions

I was delighted to receive a proposal from Ivy at Little Bertha Born to Bake to guest post on My Kitchen Addictions.  Ivy shared she had discovered my little blog and thought my readers would enjoy reading an article about how to “make the perfect cupcake.”  I responded to Ivy’s proposal by saying I would love for her to share her expertise and asked her to focus on the frosting of a cupcake, as this was a challenge for me.  Let’s just call it a “work in progress.”  I am faced with lots of questions when choosing the correct piping bag, tip and method to use in order to create that perfect swirl, like the cupcakes being showcased in this post.  These pictures are examples of what Little Bertha Born to Bake creates at their cakes and catering business.

How to Frost a Cupcake (shared by Ivy at Little Bertha Born to Bake)…

Contrary to popular belief, the art of cupcake making does not purely rely on the cake part of the cupcake; the icing is the most important part! As the popularity of cupcakes has risen as the icing portion continues to grow the decoration becomes more and more important. I would say that the recent fascination with dense icing has contributed to the rising popularity of the cupcake.

To get the creamy, swirly look of those cupcakes you love, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind. Literally, icing tips are what it’s all about and a strong icing bag.How to Frost Cupcakes | My Kitchen Addictions

You can easily find disposable icing bags at the supermarket, or you could try reusable ones but that means you have to wash them, and that can actually be kind of difficult and annoying because of the butter in the icing. You can also make a disposable bag using a zip lock bag or a triangle of parchment paper. Once you’ve decided on your piping bag of choice, then it is time to choose the tip.

You need to use LARGE piping tips to decorate cupcakes; the regular size ones are way too small to get that nice creamy twirl look. Most cupcakes are decorated with a Wilton 1D (biggest) or a 2D (medium).If you’re just using one color and one tip on all your cupcakes, you can simply pop your tip into in the bag and fill it up with your icing. The best way to do that is to hold the bag in your hand and fold the top over your fist as far down as you can, spreading out the inside so you get a good amount of space to stick spoonfuls of icing in. You could also place the piping bag in a tall glass to hold it in place if you like.

In regards to tip type, there are 4 popular options; open star, closed star, french tip and round. The open star has less definition that the closed star, which is what you use when you want that soft swirly look. The french tip has many pointed ends so it looks more delicate and is often used in french pastries. The round tip is the simplest option; it looks like a nice big dollop when you pipe it on, like on these cupcakes from Little Bertha.How to Frost Cupcakes | My Kitchen Addictions

The general rule with piping is to start on the outer and work your way in and up to get the nice peak. When you get to the top of the cupcake, stop and release the pressure so get a clean break at the top, otherwise it will trail off. Another popular way that is used with the closed star tip is to start in and to work outward to create the rose pattern. How to Frost Cupcakes | My Kitchen Addictions

Thanks, Ivy, for sharing your creativity and expertise!  If you have questions, contact Ivy at Little Bertha Born to Bake.