Pimento Cheese Salad

Pimento Cheese Salad | My Kitchen AddictionsThis is a recipe my sister and I have searched for, for a long time.  This Pimento Cheese Salad recipe appeared to be one of those secrets of Grandma Franklin’s.  She didn’t write down her recipes and tended not to share them very often.  I’m sure if we would have asked before she passed, she would have given it to us.  It was one of those salads that my sister and I will never erase from our memory.  A distant flavor and wonderful memories of devouring it at grandma’s are just a couple of reasons why we love this salad so much. Grandma’s secret to making this salad so delicious was the addition of her homemade sweet pickles.Pimento Cheese Salad | My Kitchen Addictions

Recently, when my sister and I went through mom’s recipes, is when we discovered it.  The recipe card is written in mom’s handwriting which makes it extra special.  There are very few ingredients on the list that contain amounts.  It has taken me a while to perfect the recipe so it tastes just like grandma’s.  You might need to adjust measurements to your liking.

With school beginning, this Pimento Cheese Salad has made a perfect sandwich and snack on crackers in my lunch box.

When I prepare this salad, I normally whip up some of my chicken salad.  These two compliment each other and provide meals and snacks for my husband and me for several days.  Find my recipe for chicken salad here.  Pimento Cheese Salad | My Kitchen Addictions

Pimento Cheese Salad
This Pimento Cheese Salad is great spread on bread to create a sandwich or on crackers.
Recipe type: salad
  • 16 oz. american cheese, chopped fine
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
  • 1 jar pimento, drained
  • 6 small sweet pickles, chopped
  • 8 oz. can crushed pineapple, drained
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup mayonnaise
  • crushed saltines crackers, if needed
  1. Chop cheese, using a food processor. Add all other ingredients, except crackers and mix well. Add a small amount of crushed saltines crackers to lighten the cheese taste, if needed. Chill.



  1. Following you on twitter via SITS blogtober and just had to come browse your recipes. Where I grew up there was a family owned small grocery store. They were famous for their pimento cheese. I haven’t had any that’s good since I moved 8 years ago! I know there’s not pineapple in theirs but I love it, can’t wait to try this.

    • Missouri Farm Chick says:

      Thank you for stopping by and following me on Twitter. I’m heading over to your blog and twitter to follow you. I enjoyed reading your comment and anxious to hear how you like this pimento cheese.


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