Giving Thanks for Giving

CookingPlanitGivingThanksYou will find that this blog post is a little different from what you normally read here on My Kitchen Addictions. You won’t find a recipe or lots of photos that tell the story behind the process of preparing that recipe. Yet, you will read a story about a “giving” person and how you can share your own story.  As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches,  I am partnering with Cooking Planit to celebrate the “givers” in our lives and communities in a program titled “Giving Thanks for Giving.”   After I share a story of a “giver” in my life, please read the details below about how you can share a similar story and enter to win a prize and best of all, donate to a local charity of your choice.

NOW, my story about a hero and the gifts she gave to me and those she loved.


Now, it’s your turn.  Do you know someone who gives to others without looking for recognition or reward?  If you do, please tell their story in a short inspiring story.  Five stories will be selected for a $250 reward and the grand prize winner will receive $1,000 for the charity of their choice.  This is chance for you to give back to your community by donating to a local charity.


Five winners will be chosen from all the entries based on how inspiring their story is and how the “givers” empower others through their efforts.

In 300 words or less:

  • Recognize an individual who is making the difference in the lives of others in your life or community.
  • Share how this individual is donating their time, energy or love with a focus on helping others.
  • Give details on how they are working to improve the lives of others.

If your inspiring person is chosen, they will receive a $250 gift card to help them celebrate Thanksgiving, and you will receive $100.

So warm up your pens, and warm up the hearts of all of us this Thanksgiving.

Where to get more details and enter…You must enter by November 1, 2013.

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This Missouri Farm Chick can’t wait to read your stories.  Thanks for sharing!!    





  1. Enjoyed this post! Grandma was an amazing lady!