Top-Blogger-Button-Recipe-LionI am excited and honored to be named one of Recipe Lion’s top bloggers of 2014! The recipe for Dump Cake is included in a list of 100 of Recipe Lion’s most popular recipes in 2014.  I’ll never forget when I received the invite to share this recipe on their website.  I had never heard of Recipe Lion before but accepted the request and soon started receiving comments and questions about the recipe.  What fun it has been to hear from others about their experiences with this recipe.  Suggestions about how to change-up the recipe and tips on how to improve the process was appreciated and enjoyed.  Thanks to all those of you who have visited My Kitchen Addictions over the year!  Stay tuned for more sharing in 2015! It’s because of you I have a new enthusiasm to share “my kitchen addictions” with you!

Check out the recipe for Dump Cake and the other 99 recipes on Recipe Lion’s top 100 recipes in 2014 here.

Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night | My Kitchen AddictionsIt has been a vision for a while!  Since discovering ideas on Pinterest about having outdoor movie nights, I set out to plan our very own.  The planning was fun, but the actual night was priceless! The night was filled with friends and family, great food and a very funny movie! Thoughts are already in my mind in planning for round two!   [Read more…]

Pinned, Prepared, Perfect

Loaded Potato Casserole | My Kitchen AddictionsConfession…I have nothing to hide!  Pinterest is an obsession… no another addiction of mine! When I should be doing the checkbook or cleaning the house, you’ll often find me on Pinterest. Just check out my Pinterest page…it’s proof!  I asked my daughter the other day if I had too many Pinterest boards and she was honest and said, “Yes!”  “But, Look!” I said.  “I have everything organized!”   I didn’t have the nerve to tell her I had several secret boards!

Today I launch a new feature on My Kitchen Addictions….Pinned, Prepared, Perfect!  The recipes I share  will be ones I’ve pinned on my Pinterest page, prepared in my kitchen and consider perfect!

Today, I share Loaded Potato Casserole.  You can find the recipe pinned on my Pinterest Sides board. [Read more…]

Cooking Planit Crisp and Caramelized Meal Plan

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When an opportunity came to me recently to participate in a spice giveaway with Cooking Planit, I never knew what that really meant until I started sharing my blogging with so many amazing food bloggers who participated in the same giveaway and individuals associated with Cooking Planit! I have shared, gained and learned a great deal!  Cooking Planit challenged me again recently  by asking me to tryout their Cooking Planit Personal Kitchen Assistant on the web and available as an app.  I took it on this little project with excitement, and I am now sharing my journey with you.  I encourage you to try this app yourself and share your experience. [Read more…]

Key Lime Cake

KeyLimeCake|MyKitchenAddictionsI was looking through some cookbooks from my shelf the other day in order to find something green to make for St.Patrick’s Day.  As I looked through Trisha Yearwood’s Home Cooking I remembered I made her Key Lime Cake last year around this same time.  It was the perfect find for green!


This is a super, moist cake and sumptuous with my Cream Cheese Icing.

[Read more…]