I have a passion for cookbooks!  No, let me restate that.  I have an addiction to buying and reading cookbooks.  My addiction started with The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond.  I discovered this delightful, beautiful, detailed, and informative cookbook at a Barnes and Noble in 2009 and sat down to read it from front cover to back before leaving the store with my purchase.  This cookbook does not collect dust on my cookbook shelf. Thank you Ree!




BettyCrockerMy favorite cookbook of all times (and my first) was received as a wedding shower gift from a dear friend. This 1972 edition is still my go-to cookbook for old favorites and serves as a reference when needing step-by-step directions for making pie crust or needing information on the conversion chart.  When I started planting a container herb garden a few years back…this cookbook served as a great tool by providing brief descriptions of the flavor, as well as the types of uses for the most popular herbs.  My favorite recipe contained within…meatloaf. I haven’t found a better recipe for one in any other cookbook or on any website.  Would this cookbook fit the category of VINTAGE?

AmericasHometownRecipeBookI purchased America’ Hometown Recipe Book the other day at a local gift shop and it has quickly become a favorite!  This cookbook contains 712 favorite tried and true recipes from people all across America.  I have too many post-it’s to mention attached to the pages of this cookbook to remind me of the recipes I want to try. Author, Barbara Greenman, focused on delicious, easy, homemade food when she complied the recipes to include in this great find.  Some of the contents I’ve bookmarked to make are Strawberry Omelet, Black-Eyed Pea Hummus, Springtime Salad, Pork Piccadillo, Swiss Scalloped Potatoes, Shoo-Fly Pie and Coconut-Cream Cheese Pound Cake.  


I first followed her as a country music artist and now as a Food Network star!  Trisha Yearwood has long been a favorite of mine!  When I discovered she had a cookbook released, off to the store I went to make my purchase.  I love the fact that Trisha shares recipes that are family traditions!  Favorite recipes I’ve prepared from this cook book (so far)  are… Key Lime Cake, Grape Salad, Betty’s Apple Ambrosia, Crockpot Chocolate Candy, Baked Bean Casserole and Ty’s Thai Salad.