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FACT:  Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman), her cookbook and blog have served as my inspiration to launch My Kitchen Addictions blog.Pioneer-Woman-Cooks

There are some things you will always remember and that is where My Kitchen Addictions blog began…during a vivid memory that I will never forget.  Imagine this….Jackie, that’s me, is hanging out in the cookbook section at Barnes and Noble in Cape Girardeau, Missouri one sunny afternoon.  On this particular day, I took a personal day at work so I could travel with my husband.  He had a business meeting in one of my favorite little towns in Missouri. Taking in a few of my favorite stores consumed most of my morning, but soon I found myself at my favorite hangout,  a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. There I found a delightful cookbook authored by Ree Drummond, aka…The Pioneer Woman.   There it was on the shelf, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks.”  I picked it up and almost read it from front cover to back, before receiving a call from my husband telling me that it was time for me to pick him up. Darn it!   Walking up to the cash register to pay for my new find was a pleasure!  Finishing this new cookbook was on my agenda for the long ride home.  Learning that Ree also authored a blog had me intrigued and anxious to get home to my computer to look at this website.  I was blown away by The Pioneer Woman’s website and have faithfully followed it since.  I took my daughter to lunch a few days later and shared with her my thoughts and ideas for a food blog of my very own.  She encouraged me and even helped me come up with names for my blog.  We wrote down several ideas, on a napkin, that day during lunch.  I actually started this blog as “Cooking Books” because of my love of cookbooks, but quickly changed the name after writing a few posts and realizing that the name did not fit my purpose.  That is when my daughter and I went back to our name choices and decided on our second choice… My Kitchen Addicitons – and the rest is history.  As a result of me finding Ree Drummond, her cookbook and blog…my foodie blog list has grown (and my cookbook collection).  Those have become just a couple of “my kitchen addictions!”

Here are some of my favorite blogs and link parties…