Kitchen Tools

Silicone spatulas, pretty little spoons, cookie cutters, measuring cups, unique plates, bowls of all shapes and sizes and the list goes on and on.  I am addicted to collecting KITCHEN TOOLS of all kind.  I don’t spend a lot of money on these essential things.  I just put them on my birthday wish list, Christmas wish list and flea markets have become a favorite hang out of mine.  You can also find me in clearance isles at all the popular department stores.  I do have a rule that I abide by faithfully and that is “All the kitchen tools in my kitchen have to be functional..not just pretty things that sit on the shelf.”  So, join me on my journey of sharing some of MY FAVORITE KITCHEN TOOLS.  Just so you’ll know….I’m not trying to sell these items or advertise for  the companies that make these kitchen tools.  I’m just sharing things I love and find useful in my kitchen.Wonder Cup | My Kitchen AddictionsIt was at a Pampered Chef party where I saw this “Wonder Cup” demonstrated.  I knew at first sight, I had to have this essential tool for my kitchen.  I mainly use this 2-cup wonder when measuring ingredients such as peanut butter (as shown in this picture), solid shortening and ketchup.  I have found it does not work that well for liquids.  

Bowls | My Kitchen Addictions

I have always loved bowls!  Everyone that knows me well…knows it’s a weakness.  Even my young grandchildren know  I love getting bowls for gifts, so for Mother’s Day – guess what I got?  These lovely bowls now find a place on my shelf, but they don’t stay there long.

CuttingBoard|MyKitchenAddictionsI have several cutting boards available, but my favorite by far is my Martha Stewart Sheesham Wood Cutting Board.  I picked this up on the clearance rack at Macy’s.  The price was reduced drastically because of a small crack.  I can live with it and I have!  This cutting board remains on my counter at all times and used for a lot of my pictures.  Did I mention it’s easy on knives?

JuiceLove my juicer!  It’s old, it can’t be washed in the dishwasher and it takes some muscle to get the juice out of an orange, lemon or lime…but it’s the best, old kitchen tool I have in my kitchen!  It’s just like the one my mom and grandma’s used!  














I wore out the first set, so I bought another.  These Chef’n SleekStor Collapsible Measuring Cups come in trendy colors and are great to use when you need to pour things in tight spaces, like a stand-up mixer.   These measuring cups store easily by not taking up much space and are dishwasher safe.


I love fresh pineapple, but have always disliked cutting and slicing them.  I always left this job to my husband until I found this Vacu Vin Pineapple Corer and Slicer with Wedger.  This wonderful tool serves up accurately cut fresh pineapple rings and chunks. The stainless-steel blade and tube work together like a corkscrew to peel, core and slice an entire pineapple.  The plastic wedger quickly creates uniform chunks without tearing the fruit.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve been told the left-over core makes a great, decorative drink holder.  The possibilities for types of tropical drinks is endless.   

Tango Tool – Spatula
stir – scrap – dance

I’ve seen these spicy and colorful spatulas many times, but have resisted the purchase of one until recently when my urge gave to nonresistance.  Getting one in another color and shape is my goal.

Cooks Tools – Set of 14 of Melamine Bowls and Lids
These are one of my favorite “go-to” bowls when mixing and storing just about any food item.  I love the vibrant colors and airtight lids.  

Zyliss Avocado Tool
halve – pit – scoop – slice – mash

My husband has become the creator of the most awesome guacamole.  I would never touch that green stuff, until he started making it homemade after we ate at a Cantina Laredo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant.  After watching the waiter/waitress prepare this fresh appetizer, at our table, several times, my husband had it down to a fine art.

Kikkerland Cutting Boards

veggies – poultry – fish – meat
Cutting boards, oh cutting boards.  These are not boards, but they are flexible, non-slip mats that are odor resistant!
Jokari Healthy Step 4-in-1 Citrus Pro Tool
Peel – zest – ream – garnish
I’ve been consuming a lot of “Cuties” lately!  When I found this handy-dandy little tool, I was excited, beyond excited.  This tool makes peeling oranges, tangerines and even those easy-to-peel Cuties more fun and less time consuming.
My Martha Stewart Chopper.  When I discovered this, it reminded me of one my grandma and mother used. 

I LOVE my 4-piece measuring cup set!  My daughter-in-law gave this set to me one Christmas.  Each cup collapses to another measurement, for example …1 cup to a 1/2 cup. I use these almost everyday!

A french rolling pin is a must if you prepare lots of pastries. My granddaughter is showing her pastry chef skills.  

This quiche dish is one of three that I have.  It’s great for breakfast casseroles and deep-pizza.  I actually lost my first one ever owned and it took me forever to find another one.  I was lucky enough to find one in a Corning-ware outlet store.   

Let me introduce you to one of my big time favorite kitchen tools…my Pampered Chef Chopper.  I have almost worn this tool out!  My husband keeps showing me new ones to buy when we go shopping and I always say…”I cannot part with my Pampered Chef one!”  It not only works like a dream, but it is so easy to clean.  Now, aren’t those the most important things?